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4 Ways to Tell Your Windows Need Replaced

How to Tell if Your Windows Need Replaced This Winter

Are you feeling a winter chill? Well, if you are indoors, that could be a sign that your windows need replaced. 

With the end of the holiday season, most of us settle indoors to wait out the coldest months of the year. That means crackling fireplaces, warm blankets, cozy slippers, and spending a lot of time in our homes. But you can use this time to your advantage; winter can be a great time of year to more easily notice energy inefficiencies in a house – cold drafts, higher heating bills, and frequently needing to adjust the thermostat. 

Chilly weather is a part of life for most of us around the country, but that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Take steps to inspect the windows in your home; you may find signs that a window upgrade from LEI Home Enhancements is what you need to improve your comfort and increase energy efficiency. 


Noticeable Cold Drafts or Air Leaks

Have you ever been sitting near a window and felt a cold wind on the back of your neck? The feeling is unpleasant, especially when you expect your home to be your safe space, the ultimate shelter. 

Drafts and air leaks are common reasons homeowners replace their windows. Not only does a drafty window cause discomfort, but it also puts an extra burden on your HVAC system, increasing your heating and cooling costs. 

How can you tell if a window is letting in a draft? Cold air can seep indoors through broken seals, insufficient insulation, and poor installation. Often, if your window has an air leak, you will be able to feel it on your skin, especially in winter. Another trick is to check if you can see daylight around a window frame. If you can, you’ve likely got an air leak and it could be time to replace those windows. Consider the Revelation Elite Window Series from LEI with multi-layer weatherstripping to help block heat loss, prevent air leaks, and add an extra level of protection against inclement weather. Revelation Elite Windows also feature a polyurethane fiberglass reinforcement for improved structural performance that even the strongest winds cannot penetrate.


Needing to Adjust the Thermostat

According to the US Dept of Energy, heat transfer through windows is responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. That percentage only increases in homes with older single-pane windows or deteriorating window casings or frames. If you find yourself adjusting the thermostat frequently or you notice your heat kick on repeatedly, you may be losing more heat through a damaged or inefficient window.

Luckily, advances in residential construction, manufacturing, and technology have vastly improved energy efficiency. For example, LEI’s industry-leading Revelation Elite Series triple pane windows with argon gas are among the most energy-efficient on the market.  They are also one of the best ways to prevent heat loss and help reduce your monthly power bill. With advanced triple-pane insulated glass, offering superior thermal retention, the Revelation Elite Series includes a Warm-Edge Spacer System that eliminates metal-to-glass contact creating an additional thermal barrier. Triple pane windows are a premium home upgrade that will pay dividends in energy savings over the long term. The friendly team at LEI are experts at triple pane window installation, and free consultations are available in person and online. 


Window Damage, Noticeable Wear and Tear

Visible damage is an another sign that your windows need replaced. Age and extreme weather can take their toll on all exterior elements of a house. Look for signs of water damage or deteriorating caulk around the exterior of window sills and frames. Occasionally, minor damage can be repaired without replacing the entire unit. However, repairs in many cases won’t provide the same level of insulation or performance as a complete window replacement. If your glass has cracked or you notice rotting wood on the frame or sash, it’s a good idea to call the pros at LEI to talk about replacement windows.


Significant Condensation Between Window Panes

A bit of interior or exterior window condensation is normal. Particularly in winter, as outdoor temperatures drop, warmer air inside the house condenses on cold windows forming temporary condensation. If it’s damp on the inside window and you can wipe it away with your hand, it’s a sign that there is extra humidity in your house, but the windows are working correctly. Condensation on the outer side of the glass shows that all of the energy-efficient design features are functioning: the weatherstripping, double pane insulation, vapor barrier, and seals are keeping the heat inside your house. The warmer, damp air hits the cold glass rather than passing through, and vice versa. 

However, if you notice condensation forming between the window panes, then the integrity of the window has been compromised. Once the seals, glazing, or weatherstripping have failed, cold air can pass through easily. Not the ideal situation for staying warm this winter or keeping your heating costs down. What’s the best solution for excessive condensation between window panes? Triple pane Revelation Elite Series windows from LEI Home Enhancements. Triple pane windows do a better job of reducing condensation versus single and double-pane windows. Revelation Elite Windows with insulation-enhanced technology integrate carbonized foam liners into the window structure to deliver thermal protection and energy savings all year.


Found Signs Your Windows Are Going Bad? It’s Time to Upgrade.

Hiring a Professional Installer is Your First Step in Window Replacement

Every window, even the most energy-efficient models, must be properly installed to provide the promised efficiency standards and comfort. In fact, a poor installation process is often the source of issues down the road. One small gap in the sealant or a messy caulking job can turn into a massive headache. 

Don’t cut corners on your window installation. Instead, hire trusted professionals who are intimately familiar with the products they install. Contact the team at LEI for a free consultation today.


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