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Air Vs. Argon-Filled Windows

Modern window technology has come a long way from the days of a simple pane of glass. With modern multi-pane designs, windows have become much more energy-efficient, but with so many options on the market, you could find yourself overwhelmed. The reality is that with modern windows, most options will work well for your home or business as long as you choose the right installation company. With that said, there are quite a few factors to take into account if you are thinking of installing new windows. Modern windows are usually filled with gas, either argon, krypton, or oxygen. Most leading window manufacturers and installers are starting to lean more towards argon and oxygen-filled windows, but which one is right for you? If you would like to learn more about windows or are looking to install new windows on your home or business, contact LEI home enhancements today.

Air-Filled Windows

Air-filled windows have been the traditional option for most multi-pane window builds. That traditional nature doesn’t necessarily mean that air is outdated, though they tend to be a bit less functional than its high-pressure counterparts. Air-filled windows can be extremely efficient if they are built to the proper insulation levels. The biggest argument against air-filled windows is that they are not as good insulators as argon-filled windows, which in turn can lead to some substantial increases in energy cost.

Air-filled windows are easy to use and maintain even in harsh conditions and are fully safe at high altitudes and in massive pressure shifts. They are also generally cheaper than gas-filled windows, though they will tend to cost more on your monthly energy bills. Here at LEI Home Enhancements, we are proud to offer industry-leading windows, including our revelation elite series windows. These windows offer unparalleled quality, clarity, longevity, and insulation for both air and argon-filled options.

Argon-Filled Windows

If you are looking for the ultimate in energy efficiency, argon-filled windows are perfect for you. Though these windows may cost a bit more upfront, you can easily save thousands of dollars over the course of your windows’ lifespans as long as you keep up with basic maintenances. Argon gas is not only great for insulation, but it is highly resistant to wind gusts and frost damage, making them a must-buy for any extremely cold or drafty environments. Argon is also completely safe and non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about anything in the unlikely case of your window cracking or breaking. Overall, argon-filled windows will be a bit more expensive to buy, but you will quickly make that money back as these windows block out drafts, save money on your monthly bills, and are as durable as they are efficient.

If you are interested in upgrading or switching out your windows on your home or business contact the elite team here at LEI Home Enhancements today. Our team will make sure that you get the perfect windows to fit your needs.


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